Published Articles:

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Timothy Frye, Ora John Reuter, and David Szakonyi. “Hitting Them with Carrots: Voter Intimidation and Vote Buying In Russia.” British Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming


Working Papers and Works in Progress:

Michael Best, Jonas Hjort, and David Szakonyi. “Individuals and Organizations as Sources of State Effectiveness, and Consequences for Policy Design.”

Jonas Hjort and David Szakonyi. “Family Links and Firm Transactions.”

David Szakonyi. “Princelings and Political Rents.”

David Szakonyi. “The Determinants of Businessperson Candidacy.”

David Szakonyi. “Businesspeople in Elected Office: Identifying Private Benefits from Firm-Level Returns.”

Timothy Frye, Ora John Reuter, and David Szakonyi. “Vote Brokers, Clientelist Appeals, and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Russia and Venezuela.”




Under Siege: Inter-ethnic Relations in De Facto Abkhazia, New York: Columbia University Press, 2010 (with Tom Trier and Hedvig Lohm)